Interview: Phantogram

Skidmore College has a history of enlisting top tier independent (and sometimes dependent) artists for on-Campus performances.  From Wilco to Grizzly Bear to Janelle Monae, we’ve been rather spoiled with our concert selections.  When it comes to great shows, we kind of get it done.  And when Saratoga Springs’ Phantogram made their own sort of homecoming a few weeks ago at the college’s Athletic Facilities, again, they reminded us of just how lucky we are.  They played a awe-inspiring visual/audio set of the hard hitting, psychedelic, hip-hop infused rock that encompasses their debut Eyelid Movies.

But, unlike most of the fortunate few who have had the privilege of seeing Phantogram live, we at Skidmore have been lucky enough to watch the band mature before our very eyes, from their early beginnings as Charlie Everywhere some three years ago.  This year’s graduating class even saw one of the band’s first shows, at its very own Falstaff’s, when they opened for an at-the-time emerging Yeasayer.  And to put the icing on the cake, after their most recent Skidmore gig, SEC got a chance to chat with the group’s core members, the gorgeous Sarah Barthel and the beautifully bearded Josh Carter.  We got down to business, making sure to find out why they changed their name, what that name means, who they’ve been listening to in their van, and, of course, which Saratoga Springs restaurants to eat at.  Like I said, we are lucky.

Check the interview out below:

SEC: So how does it feel to be home?

Sarah: Fuckin’ wonderful. Pardon my French, but it kind of deserves an F-word. We’re really happy to be home. It’s been a long tour. It’s been a really long tour…

SEC: When was the last time you guys were here in Saratoga Springs or at Skidmore?

Josh: At Skidmore? We played with Yeasayer at Skidmore.

SEC: That was a really good show by the way.

Sarah: Yeah, yeah, that was awesome. That was great. That was one our first shows, too. Continue reading


So, you probably know, but in case you don’t, here’s what’s happening this weekend.  PHANTOGRAM and SNAKES SAY HISSS are hitting up the small gym Saturday, Nov 6. Doors open at 8 pm.  Tickets are on sale until Friday in case from 11-5 ($5 student, $10 public).  Both of these bands are from the area.  Phantogram has played here before under the name Charlie Everywhere, but have since blown up, yo.  And I’m assuming we all know Skidmore Alums Snakes Say Hisss by now.  So, it’s going to be a really great Skidmore College event and you should probably go to it.  Seriously, just get to the small gym.

Get to it!