Big Show, October 12, 2012– Mayer Hawthorne and Cults

It’s Big Show again! Come on down to the Big Gym Friday, October 12 for a night of music, dancing, and (albeit hard to recall) memories that will last a lifetime! That may sound too cute to be true, but I’m not making this up, folks. Student tickets are available at Case in the SGA booth, and prices are as follows: $8 for students prior to the show, $10 at the door. General admission tickets are also available at for $25 prior, $30 at the door.

We’re excited to bring Mayer Hawthorne and Cults to the hallowed halls of the Big Gym! Aren’t hip and don’t know who these wonderful acts are? Here’s some info:

Mayer Hawthorne

Mr. Andrew Mayer Cohen is a neo-soul singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA.  He cites influences as wide-ranging as Smokey Robinson and Isaac Hayes to J-Dilla, and his music tastefully reflects this blend of old and new soul.  Just listen to his track “The Walk”— pure throwback, brassy horns doubling with tender background vocals, mid-tempo Motown beat, Hawthorne’s croon gluing the package together.  (“The Walk” also accompanies a music video that’s a ton of gunslingling fun.) From his own mouth, speaking to to– “I make soul music for hip-hop heads.”  Hawthorne may look like the geeky, horn-rimmed kid in the back of the lecture hall that sways to the music playing on his headphones, but at least you know he’s listening to something amazing.  


Cults, the opening band for Big Show this fall, take you back to a simpler time, where you want to grow out your shaggy brown hair and croon into a microphone about how no one understands you. Madeline Follin, the band’s lead vocalist, has a high, sweet, and youthful voice that transforms her angst-y teenage lyrics into some really fun indie pop. She has previously recorded with punk band Youth Gone Mad on their album Touching Cloth. Ryan Mattos (staged and preferred named: Brian Oblivion) is the guitarist of the band.

Together, Oblivion and Follin are the two main band members and their long brown locks are pictured bouncing around on their website. The band is New York City based and the two attended The New School in the East Village. They released their first EP of 3 songs in 2010 on bandcamp, Cults 7” with Forest Family Records. Their release received a Best New Music shout out by Pitchfork Media. Then their self-titled album Cults was released by Columbia Records in June 2011 and was also granted a Pitchfork shout out.

Pitchfork and other Cults fans, drank up Follin’s youthful vocals and the band’s, as said on Pitchfork’s album review, “1960s girl pop…. [cut] with synths, guitars, and softly integrated samples.” Some of these samples are actually conversations the band members had with their fans. But it somehow works with their other dreamy and synth-y sounds.

But what really catches their listeners, is the honesty in their lyrics and their ability to make you sink into that youthful desire to be misunderstood. It makes you want to get up and drink the sunlight, to run away, to stay and dance in a crowd with everyone else—to not care about anything. Just check out the last words of their hit single “Go Outside”: “I think I want to live my life and you’re just in my way.” 

–Jeff Sadueste & Rebecca Green