Artist of the Week– Hospitality

Hospitality is a three piece indie pop band based in Brooklyn, NY. Although formed in 2007, the band had been quiet since their self titled EP in 2008 up until the release of their full length album, also self titled, earlier this year. Amber Papini, the singer, taught herself how to sing growing up in Kansass City, Mo. In Rachael Maddux’s review of Hospitality’s album for Pitchfork, she described “quietly groovy drumbeats that turn fully danceable in the flick of an instant, shimmering Afropoppy guitar raining down like confetti, whole brass sections that seem to barge in and sneak away and climb back in through some window.” The album received positive reviews from many music blogs and is said to be a tribute to the comings and goings of life as a twentysomething. Hospitality was named Stereogum’s band to watch in 2009.

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