Artist(s) of the Week– Icky Blossoms and Craft Spells

We return with two great groups to share–
Craft Spells

Craft Spells is a four piece band from Stockton, California headed up by Justin Vallesteros. Self-described as a “the epitome of the recent uprising of the DIY music scene,” the band mixes interesting vocals with swelling guitar melodies, dreamy synths, and looped melodies. Craft Spells generated blog buzz with the single “Party Talk” which lead to the production of a full length album. In the Spring of 2011, Craft Spells released their debut album Idle Labor and has recently announced a new EP due out May 15.

Icky Blossoms

Emerging as a side project of already established Omaha bands Tilly and the Wall and Flowers Forever, Icky Blossoms has started making a name for themselves in the Omaha music scene as well as elsewhere. Currently they are performing at SXSW as well as in local Omaha venues. Former band member of both groups, Derek Pressnall described the beginnings of Icky when Pressnall wrote some Flowers songs with a synthesizer instead of a guitar until the new synth songs became a sound of their own. The band is comprised of Pressnall, Nik Fackler, Sara Bohlin, and J.J. Idt. The band is live and energetic at shows and really know how to get the crowd moving with their catchy lyrics and upbeat keyboard notes.

One of their popular tracks, “Perfect Vision” exhibits the combined forces of Pressnall, Fackler, Thiele and Idt. At 6:50, it’s a longer track, with a sound Pressnall best describes as “a really hypnotic chainsaw-guitar, swirly song on top of a hypnotic groove.” He says the track was inspired by Beyonce’s song “Diva,” particularly its simple yet groovy, recurring rhythms.

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