Artist of the Week: Future Islands


Future Islands is yet another excellent band to breach out from the Baltimore Band scene. This trio formed in 2006, and released self-recorded Little Advances later that year, which was a split album with the solo project of their keyboardist, Gerrit Welmer.


Their official debut album, Wave Like Home cake out 2008, featuring “Beach Foam.”  In Evening Air  was released in 2010, featuring “Walking Through that Door” (Youtube link below) and “Vireo’s Eye.”

Their most recent album came out On October 11, 2011, called On the Water.   The album “[continues] to to deliver pounding rhythms, swelling melodies, and undeniable hooks,” as well as featured artists such as Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner.

Both On the Water and In Evening Air were produced by Chester Endersby Gwazda, who also produced Dan Deacon’s album Bromst.

Links :

Beach Foam

Walking through that door:

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