Just Shoot ‘Em

SEC is super excited to present BIG SHOW with TV ON THE RADIO and AUSTRA this Friday, October 7th! This semester, the Company is trying something new that requires the help of all you feet-stompin’, body-bouncin’ party-goers. We want your help documenting the event! We’ll be passing around some light blue cameras at the show for you to get snap-happy with.

(Our camera's will look like this BUT WITH an SEC LOGO)

Take a few pictures and pass it on to someone else! At the end of the night we’ll be collecting all the cameras in BIG BLUE BOXES as you walk out of the gym. We’ll develop them and upload them onto our facebook page, and here on the BLOG. Tag yourself, tag your friends check out some shots of the killer bands!

One thought on “Just Shoot ‘Em

  1. Have you guys received the times that each band will be taking the stage? Doors @ 8pm? Austra @ ? TVOTR @ ?

    ps- love the camera idea

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