Opener for Big Show 2011: Austra !!!!!!!!

Austra, sounds like some band from Australia…

Oh how wrong you are; try the Northern Hemisphere. Austra, a trio of musicians from Toronto, consists of vocalist, pianist, and song- writer, Katie Stelmanis, drummer Maya Postepsky, and bassist Dorian Wolf.

The lead vocalist, Ms. Katie Stelmanis, joined the Canadian Children’s Opera at ten years old, went on to sing for the Canadian Opera Company, and then pursued a career in opera (while learning viola and the piano); that is until she attended a punk show and wanted to join a band. This Canadian New Wave band, fronted by lead singer, Katie Stelmanis, represents a revolutionary decade of progressive music.

Austra’s debut Album, Feel It Break, was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize, and soon thereafter, the album was subsequently named to the Polaris Prize shortlist.

When you are listening to Austra, you are most likely to indulge in some non- stop jubilant dancing. Also, don’t blame me if you get “Lose It” stuck in your head after the Big Show concert.

By Michelle Minick

Sources: Stereogum (a blog) and Wikipedia

For more information about Austra, their music, and their touring schedule, feel free to check out:

For more good times and grooving, be sure to check out:

“Lose It” Official Music Video

“Beat and the Pulse” Music Video

“Spellwork” Music Video

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