BIG SHOW 2011 PRESENTS: TV on the Radio

Formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, TV on the Radio has been described as an indie-rock band with influences in post-punk, electo, jazz, and soul music.

The band has released several EPs and four studio albums, the most recent of which was released earlier in 2011.

The band, consisting of Tunde Adebimpe, David Andrew Sitek, Kyp Malone, and Jaleel Bunton, lost their bass player, Gerard Smith, due to lung cancer while on tour for their new album in April.

The band released a hour long film under the same name as their 2011 album Nine Types of Light which can be viewed in its entirety here: . TV on the Radio has collaborated with many artists, including David Bowie, and have received wonderful reviews for their current and previous albums. We will be honored to welcome them to Skidmore.

Further Listening Here:!news

Watch Here:








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