Dan Deacon to Open for Dead Prez

Haven’t heard of Dan Deacon? No sweat. The best way to find out is to show up.

Dan Deacon is a renowned electronic artist who started the infamous Wham City arts collective in Baltimore. He has released 8 albums since attending college at SUNY Purchase, ranging from computer created sine wave music to his popular interactive dance parties. Deacon is an off-stage, in-your-space show put on by a kinda funny lookin’ guy that is not to be missed.

Mp3’s this way ->

Now, when I say off-stage I actually mean off the stage. Unlike most musicians Dan Deacon gets in the crowd. Not only does he refuse to perform on stage, but he refuses to let anyone stand still. This amateur video might give you some idea.

And if that didn’t get you excited maybe this will: he always brings his green crystal skull:

How about Pitchfork’s accurate description of his album Spiderman of The Rings as, “Deacon wants you to join him in adding silly joy to a world that’s been feeling pretty drab”?

Okay okay, if none of that is working, just give him a listen. Combining household toys and childhood songs with wicked electronic buzz, Dan Deacon is probably going to be one of the best shows you have seen in a long time. Not only does he pull off almost grotesque totally electronically produce music, he also has made music traditionally accompanied, like, actual guitars and drums, although perhaps still not traditional in sound. While there will not be any of that at this show, his own dancing, described as “dancing along with a joyous palsy,” will take up less space on the floor so that you can have all the space you need to dance-off, run, or form a human tunnel. I’m just sayin’. Not only does Dan Deacon have a great attitude, but he never fails to perform some of the most original electronic music around. Here are a few Mp3’s for you to try out. But the best way to find out, is to show up. Hope to see you there!

Dan Deacon Try it out

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