Earth Day Festival Headliner Ideas

Here is a list of bands suggested to play at Skidmore’s Earth Day Festival on April 23rd. The budget for the act is 4-5k, and while we tried our best to keep that in mind, some of these bands may be out of the price range. Please listen to the samples and comment with which you like the most, then come to the SEC meeting on 3/8 we will try to make a decision!
-Wild Nothing

-Twin Shadow


-Magic Kids

-Smith Westerns

-Miniature Tigers

-Dirty Beaches


-Youngblood Brass Band

-Mountain Man


-Free Energy

15 thoughts on “Earth Day Festival Headliner Ideas

  1. The Smith Westerns would definitely be the best choice. Their new album is great and has been well-received. They have widespread appeal and would be a blast to listen to. Free Energy and Twin Shadow would also be good choices.

  2. Quickly, that’s a terrible Dirty Beaches video, just gotta stick up for a talented dude. Honestly I think we should bring him for a Fallstaffs show, probably a better venue to see him in.
    watch True Blue:
    or Lord Knows Best:

    For the earth day deally I think TENNIS or the MAGIC KIDS would bring the most energy, and have the best stage presence. Or equally good little more laid back would be WILD NOTHING or TWIN SHADOW

  3. I’d love to see Mountain Man do their thing in the late afternoon when everyone’s bleary-eyed and delirious, but maybe not post-dinner when y’all are tryna party. That’s when HARLEM should be doing their thing!

  4. What up what up? Can someone from the SEC please contact me asap 518-744-2869 ( My name is Simon aka Sime Gezus aka Pete Pluto (underground hip hop emcee/producer) I was wondering if you could use an opener for the “Big Show” …. I think my live set would be dope for Dead Prez, please consider it. Also, whats up with the Earth Day show? Is it too late for artists to get involved with that? Aight, cool….appreciate the time. Thank U

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