SO. You thought it was great that the SEC blog started posting your ideas for bands? Well, meet the first ever SEC Mixtape.

This first mixtape is a selection of songs by yours-truly-SEC-Board-members. Enjoy.

SEC Board Choice
1. Too Young to Burn – Sonny and the Sunsets (Anon)
2. Boy’s Bestfriend – The Postelles (Cami)
3. I think I Can – Animal Collective (Hannah)
4. Mirrorage – Glasser (BoNuS)
5. It’s My Time – Fabulous (Lavere)
6. Dancefloors – My Morning Jacket (Jeremy)
7. All But The Beeps Meep – Little My (Colin)
8. I See a Darkness – Bonnie “Prince” Billy (Drew)
9. Corporeal – Broadcast (Catherine)
10. Dirty Cartoons – Menomena (Kyle)
11. Yellow – Okkervil River (Taylor)
12. Be Good to Them Always – The Books (Ava)
13. The Vowels part II – Why? (Julia)



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