The first question (after discussing big show options…) at the Big Meeting was who should and could play at the February 19th Falstaffs show this semester. Many bands were suggested during the meeting, and here are samples of the ones who would be available on that day:

– A funk band from Brooklyn, the funkiest of the funk. It was impossible to stand still when they came to Skidmore and performed at Falstaffs last year.

Ninja Sonik – Brooklyn based rap. He Has collaborated with Matt & Kim and is known also for his song “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant.”

Living Legends – L.A. based rap.

– Frequenters of Saratoga Springs venues, this band of “hippies who have taken over the city” is from Burlington, VT (LA Music Blog).

– Indie-Electro from Portland, Oregon.


Boy Crisis – Brooklyn based Indie-Electro with a 1980s feel.

Born Ruffians – Canadian Indie-rock that has toured with the likes of Peter, Bjorn and John, Caribou, and Hot Chip.

Azri and III – Canadian “Experimental/Indie/Techno”

– Jam style band from Vermont.

Slonk Donkerson – Grunge rock from Pound Ridge, NY.

– Funk band formed at Berklee in the 1990s.


5 thoughts on “Falstaffs?

  1. YOU NEED TO BRING STARFUCKER!!! All my friends and I listen to at Skidmore is Starfucker- the music brings people together, sets a good mood, makes ya smile, shit, you HAVE TO BRING THEM!

  2. Hey Skidmore alumni here that lives in town and has a radio show Sunday nights

    Starfucker hands down is the best choice of those suggestions. I think upbeat, popy electronic is the way to go for fallstaff shows, they are always best. Plus people will be drawn to the show regardless of knowing the band, simply on name alone if they see posters up.

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