Last show of the semester: Phantogram and Snakes Say Hisss

Looking toward the end of the semester, SEC put on our last show of an already-successful concert season on Saturday, presenting Saratoga locals and Skidmore favorites, Phantogram and Snakes Say Hisss, in the small gym. Real hometown passion pulsed throughout the space in front of the stage, where fans, family, and drunk townies alike packed the place, bouncing along to the music, sweaty and hot. It was a long, energy-draining experience – an unforgettable concert.

Large, diverse and dance-happy, the audience filled the room long before the show, dotting the gym floor, waiting for the music. Snakes Say Hisss opened (albeit it a little late) with unrelenting gusto. Their set, wild and unpredictable, pushing people to move, set the mood for the night. The crowd jumped up and down in front of the stage, while the band was doing the same thing on it. At one point, the lead singer even dove into the crowd.

After yet another delay (power problems, apparently), Phantogram took to their instruments, bringing their slow, drowning electronic dance music to the welcoming crowd. They played an equally enthusiastic set of songs, going on for over an hour – an hour of aural art and no-holds-barred dancing.

No one found themselves motionless or unentertained at any point during the night; no one left the gym disappointed.  The show was a great way to go out, a great way to finish off the first semester of the year. SEC was unbelievably proud to have been able to put on such an event.







Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds [mp3]

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