HAUNTcert at Falstaff’s

Friday night at Falstaff’s, the night before the huge collective hospital visit we call Moorebid, SEC sponsored a Halloween party of our own. And while there might have been a little less face-paint and Four Loko, it was nonetheless a great night of music and dancing.

Opening up the night with gusto, The Hand-Me-Downs made their debut performance, introducing their musical madness that at this point, really defies any sort of characterization. Houseboat followed, amping up the energy with a series of bluesy cover songs. Finally, Magic Man closed out the night with their electronically tinged dance music and the enigmatic lead singer dressed in a full bunny suit.

The crowd changed with every band change – sometimes with song changes, too – and the bands were visibly excited to be playing. Truly capturing what Falstaff’s is all about, it was an undoubtedly intimate and entertaining show. It was a TERRORific way to spend our last Falstaff’s date of the semester.

Magic  Man – Daughter


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