Band Suggestions

Fellow SEC-ers: We have a Falstaffs date set for Saturday, November 20th, and are looking for ideas. We would love to get some feedback on who you think would make for a good, small show; who you would like to see come to campus.  Here is a fantastic opportunity for personal input and looking cool. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to comment on this post, or contact the board members. Remember, we don’t have a huge budget for these small shows (that’s right, Beyonce is out), so keep that in mind as you dig through your iTunes playlists. We hope to hear from you all.

3 thoughts on “Band Suggestions

  1. Gone By Daylight – These guys were my local favorite band in high school, which is the only reason I know them. That said, they are wicked fun, like an edgier Third Eye Blind, and are good for a party. “Big Riff” is a classic.

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