On Saturday Sept. 25, four devoted members of SEC (Myself, Julia, Taylor, Katherine, and our non-SEC friend Emma)  took a car ride to go to Albany’s LARK Fest, basically a massive street fair named for Lark Street. The day was  hot, and by the time we arrived to see Eli “Paperboy” Reed’s headlining set most attendees had already gotten into the spirit of the festival. They were partying hard and dancing lots. We arrived on the wrong end of the street, and had to trek the blocks to the stage where Eli was. We passed stands selling beer, ethnic food, fried food, jewelery, massages, and more. The street was packed, with a mostly older crowd. When we finally arrived at our destination point, Eli had already been preforming for some time. Half our crew decided to take a bathroom break, and missed the rest, but from what I saw I’m really excited to see him again on Friday opening for Janelle Monae! On the whole, though, Lark Fest affected all of us, as we couldn’t tell if it was in a good or bad way.

Unfortunately, none of us brought cameras, because we were not expecting the kind of scene we were faced with. However, I will say, we saw a lot, even a man dressed in a satin purple suit, and shoes. And on the walk back to the car, I ran into my boss from my summer job in the city. She was selling ice cream scoops on a card table near a stoop with some folks. Strange.


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